Specialized in mountain photography since 2010, Thomas Crauwels has quickly become a major artist in the contemporary world of the Alps. His inspiration has guided him to the tall peaks of the valleys of Zermat, Saas-Fee, Anniviers, Hérens, Bagnes and the Chamonix. Thomas communicates to us his fascination for the world of mineral and ice of high mountains.

Following in the footsteps of the Alpine painters of the 18th and 19th centuries, Thomas continues to immortalise the memories of the constantly-changing Alps. He brings to mountain photography an artistic quality until now supplanted by the required figurative aspect needed to reveals the beauty of the Alps to a large public. His photographs of the Alps have been particularly celebrated for their exploration of atmospheres, textures and lights particular to the high mountains of the alps. The encounters of the minerals and sky allow him to express emotions of grandeur and beauty which his contemplation of the peaks and summits evoke within him.

His works have been awarded numerous prizes such as the Memorial Maria Luisa 2014 or MontPhoto 2017 and have been regularly exhibited across Europe.