Purchasing a work

Buying a work for yourself starts with a request for a quote via the website galeries.
The mountain photographs of Thomas Crauwels come alive through being made into limited-edition prints.

Limited-edition mountain photography

Investing in a mountain photograph of Thomas Crauwels allows you to preserve memories of the Alps, that cultural heritage whose present appearance is rapidly changing.
The artist, filled with a sense of mission, aims to follow with an artist's gaze the evolution of the Alps across his life.

The prints are in a limited edition of 15, signed, number and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

The pictures of the mountains are designed to express the beauty and grandeur of the mountains. For this reason, the artist thinks the minimum sizes to appreciate the works are 60x90cm for standard formats (2:3), 60x120cm for widescreen (2:1), 40x120 for widescreen (3:1) and 40x160 widescreen (4:1).

Transferring the work onto paper makes use of the latest technologies to offer the best possible quality and a lifespan of several generations without deterioration. (For normal use)

A large selection of finishes are possible to find the one which matches your work and your interior. More information on the page of finishes.